At Is Molas Resort we are committed to minimising the impact of our operations on the environment. We comply with all environmental legislation and regulations and aim to protect the environment through the continuous improvement of our environmental performance.

Our Environmental Policies include:

  • Our Master Plan respects the natural landscape and existing ecosystems and circulation has been designed to lessen the impact of human activity.
  • Buildings are inspired by traditional Sardinian architecture. Materials include local natural stone and extensive use of timber.
  • The colours of building materials are those which occur locally, a neutral earthy palette.
  • All equipment, including air conditioning units, are disguised from view.
  • External lighting fixtures avoid unnecessary applications of light to conserve energy and minimise light pollution.
  • Plot subdivisions have been minimised with the use of hedge planting.
  • All existing site features, including scree slopes and rock outcrops, will be preserved.
  • Existing tree vegetation will be bedded and then transplanted with a high success rate. All existing vegetation in non-built areas will be retained and enhanced where necessary.
  • Existing topsoil will be stockpiled and reused. 

  • All water from the Resort is recycled and used for irrigation.
  • The use of the latest irrigation application systems makes efficient use of recycled irrigation water.

  • Is Molas SpA is employing an Environmental Manager dedicated to the control and enforcement of our policies.